Why ride with Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines is a Dallas, Texas-based bearer that serves 101 goals over the United States and universally, including Mexico, Latin America, and the Caribbean. Southwest gloats the biggest Boeing armada on the planet. Despite the fact that it offers just Economy class seats, clients can move up to Business Select charges to appreciate livens, for example, need boarding, line bouncing, and the sky is the limit from there. Southwest Airlines additionally has a dependability program, Rapid Rewards. Focuses earned are redeemable for flights, lodgings, vehicle rentals, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. For more detail connect with southwest airlines official site.

Stuff Allowance and Fees

Checked stuff

Each traveler is qualified up for two registration packs with a complete load of up to 22.6kg for nothing. On the off chance that the things are to surpass as far as possible, an expense of $107.25 (USD 75) is charged per thing for a single direction.

Lodge stuff

All travelers are qualified for 2 lightweight things for each flight. The most extreme size of the things is 25x40x60cm. The principle piece can be a baggage or pet transporter and the individual thing can be any handbag, folder case and workstation sacks.

Southwest additionally permits the versatility gadgets and one kid buggy in addition to one youngster restriction framework or vehicle situate per ticket-holding kid for nothing out of pocket.

The most effective method to Check-In

To check in, clients should have the affirmation number just as the first and last name of the passenger(s) booked.

  • Online or Southwest Airlines versatile application: Available 24 hours before takeoff before shutting it 1 hour before local flights and an hour and a half before global flights.
  • E-ticket stand: Not accessible for unconfirmed holders of age-based flight tickets, unaccompanied minors, explorers with pets, military admission holders and paper ticket holders which opens 24 hours before takeoff and closes 1 hour before for local flights and an hour and a half before for worldwide flights.
  • Counter: Available something like 2 hours before worldwide takeoffs.
  • Earlybird registration: Only accessible for Wanna Get Away charge, Anytime toll and senior admission holders at an expense of $21.45 (USD) per single direction trip. Travelers will be checked in consequently 36 hours before the flight and allowed a prior loading up position.


Booking Fees

Southwest Airlines acknowledges installments by means of Credit Cards, Unused Ticketless Travel Funds, southwestgiftcards, Southwest Airlines Luv Vouchers for online buys, Southwest Airlines Reservations, and at Southwest Airlines Ticket Counter areas. Money is just acknowledged at Southwest Airlines Ticket Counters, and PayPal is just acknowledged at southwest.com. For EarlyBird Check-In, you can pay online at southwest.com, via telephone with one of the aircraft’s Reservation Agents, or through versatile website and applications. Be that as it may, this administration isn’t accessible at air terminal ticket counters.

Pushing ahead, Southwest intends to grow administration to three additional goals in Hawaii including Lihue, Kahului, and Kona. From California, the transporter plans to before long open courses from San Diego, San Jose, and Sacramento – so regardless of whether this round of low admissions evaporates, new courses and passages will before long be not too far off. And learn more by southwest airlines customer service numbers, where you get the solution of your all problem online booking to check-in, etc.

Best and Biggest Cities in Southern California and Why We Love Them

Southern California is a place where natural beauty perfectly blends with modern mythology. It boasts everything from beautiful beaches to Hollywood Sunset strip as it is an abode to a diverse range of spectacular attractions. Whether you are seeking for relaxing beach holiday, family fun or else action-packed adventures Southern California has all, and that makes this place the best destination to explore.  Below we have listed for you biggest cities in Southern California which should be visited ones in your lifetime:


  • Los Angeles

Los Angeles is considered as the most populated city of Southern California as it is three times more populated in comparison to San Diego. The city is among the best place in California to visit for sure as it contains ocean frontage along with mountains. It is the only city in the US with a mountain range that separates the part of the town. It has one of the largest ports in the US for import-export trade and is considered as the birthplace of the entertainment industry. You can go to this place by booking your flight tickets online Mobikwik Promo Code with great deals.


  • San Diego

San Diego is on the second biggest city of Southern California and is located nearby Mexico border. The place is famous for its finest weather worldwide and has many beaches along with several theme parks too. You can enjoy some theme parks like San Diego Zoo Safari Park, Sea World, San Diego Zoo, and Balboa Park having 13 museums.


  • Long Beach

Long Beach is one of the beachfront gems of Southern California which you should visit ones in your lifetime. The place offers many beautiful beaches as well as marinas along with busy dining and fantastic shopping scene. It is the perfect place of Southern California weather you are looking for a family reunion, romantic weekend or the best getaway for kids to enjoy. It is the best place which has fun, food and sun for you to enjoy.


  • Bakersfield

Bakersfield is very popular for its arts and culture while still retaining the richness of its past. The place is full of surprises and which is the best part why people love to visit here. There are many tourist attractions in Bakersfield where you can enjoy and can do amazing activities to make your trip memorable. There is also plenty of nature around Bakersfield and has wildflowers blanket the local grasslands. It is a very inspiring place to pedal your mountain bike or else a hike.


  • Anaheim

When talking about Anaheim, one thing which strikes is a visit to Disneyland. The unbeatable attractions of this vibrant city make it the popular destination to visit among tourist. It also has many best options for shopping and dining and is considered as an outstanding destination for everyone from families to foodies. The best part about Anaheim is its easy access to the rest of Southern California, and so mostly all travelers start their vacations from here.


  • Santa Ana

Santa Ana is genuinely one of the best cities of Southern California in which people love to live, work and play. It is placed famous for its culture and arts and is an abode to never seen exhibits and classic architectures. The place is well known for its strong work ethics and is a place with soul. It is also a unique weekend destination which offers many museums along with diverse activities. You can easily book hotels in this city with discounted price using Oyo Coupons with great deals.


  • Irvine

Irvine‘s central location makes it a popular hub for travelers which presents many things for them to enjoy. The city boasts about 16000 parks and a lot of open space with access to natural habitats, biking trails, hiking trails and much more.  The place is just one hour from Disneyland, and that makes it a very popular tourist spot. It is also considered as the perfect meeting destination as it has most passenger-friendly airports.



  • Chula Vista

Chula Vista is one of the best destinations to visit and is quickly developed and made its own identity. The place has historical draws and many eateries which serves many best dishes to the visitors. It is considered as a diverse and dynamic town that holds its natural resources, forward-thinking spirit as well as cultural influences. It is an amazing hotspot for urban brewing too.


  • San Bernardino

San Bernardino is popular for its one of the most iconic roads in the entire world, i.e. Route 66.the city blessed by natural beauty and is at the base of magnificent Southern California mountain ranges. The place is full of attractions which include about nine regional parks along with historical gems as well as educational facilities such as museums. There are many more things to do in San Bernardino which suits all ages and which makes this place the must visit place in Southern California.


  • Fontana

Fontana is known as the hidden gems of Southern California which are founded in 1913. The city is considered as an exhilarating place to visit and has many activities to keep you occupied. The place presents beautiful scenery along with fun stops in the way where you can enjoy with your family and friends. The place has many options for you to choose and is best for all things whether you visit for sports, business, dining, Healthcare, entertainment or shopping.

Southern California is an amazing place to live and visit as it presents the best tourist attractions, the point of interest and hidden gems. So plan to visit above listed southern California cities to enjoy a memorable vacation.

Best Forts and Palaces of Royal Rajasthan

Royal Rajasthan

The Rajasthan is considered one of the best Indian State for Indian and International tourists. Situated in the north western region of India, Rajasthan has a long list of beautiful and historic places to visit.

But here in this post, we will know the Main identity of Rajasthan which is its forts.

There are hundreds of forts and palaces in Rajasthan but here we will list the best of them for you all travellers.

So the list  starts below :


The first in the list is Chittorgarh Fort as this one is proud of India, The Chittorgarh palace is situated in the beautiful valley of Chittorgarh. This huge fort is one of the largest forts of India and is the living identity and proof of Rana Ratan Singh and Rani Padmavati’s Royal Life. The walls of Chittor Fort speaks itself the great history of Great Mewar Kingdom.

So what are you waiting for “ Book a Taxi form dhanvi tours and plan this weekend for Chittorgarh Fort”.



The golden fort of Desert also known as “Sonar Quila” is proud of City Jaisalmer. The Jaisalmer City is famous all over the globe for its beautiful sand dunes of Thar Desert.

The Jaisalmer Fort looks like a rising Sand Dune in Golden Color and the Night View of Jaisalmer Fort is just alluring.

You must spend some days in Jaisalmer with your family and friends.



The great wall of China is okay but what about the second largest wall in the world?

The wall of Kumbhalgarh Fort is the second largest in the world and if you can google it also. The Kumbhalgarh is the of Great Maharana Pratap and so is the Great Wall of Kumbhalgarh Fort.

Kumbhalgarh Fort is of the best and huge Resort of Rajasthan also.

People from all over the world visit Kumbhalgarh Fort in their holidays so what are you waiting for.



The Royalty,Charm and wonder together making a beautiful combination are how we describe “ Umaid Bhawan Palace “ of Jodhpur. When there was huge economic crisis in the state, and the King of Jodhpur gave the employment to its people to face Economic Crisis without any huge loss of life and money.

The UMAID BHAWAN PALACE is one of the best and most beautiful palaces on the planet.

This palace is from  1929 and still its shine and glory are worth watching.



The another beautiful and Royal location of Rajasthan where till now the Royal Family of Mewar Kingdom lives. The alluring view of City Palace of Udaipur is just breathtaking from the Lake Pichola Side.

The City Palace of Udaipur is the home of one of the Richest Royal Family of India.

There is a museum, lots of fountains, gardens, vintage cars and a lot more with a huge Lake ( Pichola Lake ) behind the palace make this City Palace the idol place to visit once in a lifetime.

The View of City Palace at its best can be experienced from the Ambrai Ghat of Udaipur.

Reaching City Palace of Udaipur is quite a tricky task but booking a taxi can solve your problem.


Sajjangarh Fort –

To all those who love heights for experiencing the aerial views of Cities, The sajangarh Fort of Udaipur ( also known as monsoon palace ) is the perfect location for this type of travellers. The Sajjangarh Palace is located at the top of a hill in Udaipur City. The Sunset View of Sajjangarh Fort is worth watching. You can drive straight to the Palace and if you came from Airport or Train to Udaipur than book the best taxi service in Udaipur to experience the Aerial Beauty of City Of Lakes Udaipur.

The Best Places of Udaipur in 2019

The place where the Royals lived, the place where Great Maharana’s ruled, the land of courage and wisdom, a city covered with beautiful mountains and huge lakes, the city with a history of centuries and the proud of Great Mewar Kingdom. Yes, we are talking about the City of Lakes – Udaipur. and here with Dhanvi Tours, you will get to know the best of Udaipur you can ever experience.

Fatehsagar – As the Sagar means “Water” and Fateh means “Victory”, so is the definition of Lake Fatehsagar. This huge lake with fountains for the night show and the best view for the Sunset creates an amazing moment every time.
Fatehsagar is such a famous destination all over the world. And the Bombay market of Fatehsagar completes this experience with mouth-watering snacks it offers.

Image result for Fatehsagar


Pichola Lake – The Royal City and it’s Royal lake is Pichola and so is because of its golden beauty.
There are huge palaces in the center and on the edge of the lake Pichola giving it a perfect Royal Look at night.
The lake Pichola is just behind the “City Palace”.

Image result for pichola lake

Points With Perfect Lake View –

Dudh Talai – This location is perfect for those who love boating and if you are getting a chance of boating Lake Pichola then visiting here is a must.
Dudh Talai gives a perfect and huge view of Lake Pichola.

Image result for Dudh Talai


Ambrai Ghat – This ghat is perfect to experience the Royal View of Lake Pichola. At night you can experience the beauty of the city palace & lake palace also. The lights of both palaces create a beautiful reflection on Lake Pichola which is worth watching.
You can book A Taxi with us to reach Ambrai Ghat to experience the Royal View of Udaipur.

Image result for ambrai ghat


Gangaur Ghat – If you are the one who never feels tired in experiencing the same view with different angles and locations than you must visit Gangaur Ghat.

Image result for gangaur ghat


City Palace – Just like what’s Taj is for Agra and so is the City Palace for Udaipur. The trip without visiting the Royal City Palace of the Royal Family Of Mewar Kingdom is incomplete.
City Palace of Udaipur is the place where ” Raj Gharana and Raja Ji” still lives.
The City Palace’s walls are still so strong ” someone can ever build” and looks both Royal and Charming at the same time with its beautiful gardens, fountains, and Museum.

Image result for City Palace


Lake Badi – For those who love to spend time alone near a lake and for the sunset lovers “Lake Badi” is the perfect location.
Lake Badi is one of the main and largest lakes of Udaipur.
The less crowded, peaceful and beautiful is how you can define Lake Badi Of Udaipur.
There are no public transports for Lake Badi so you can book a taxi with us or you can rent a car from us of your choice for Lake Badi and other places like this.

Image result for Lake Badi